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 MKC Karate   "Self Protection Straight To The Point"

               Discipline, Integrity, Focus, Respect, Resolve, Humbleness and Honor

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Our son will soon be starting his 3rd session with Sensei Bast, and we plan on participating in this program as long as we can.  Here's why our family will continue to support this program, which is so much more than karate lessons. 

Over the past months, we have watched as our 8-year old transformed in positive ways:

- from soft spoken to finding his voice as an emerging leader when Sensei calls on someone to  lead the class.

- his confidence is renewed, quickly raising his hand and participating during class

- eager to please Sensei, his Teachers, and even his Parents!

Sensei Bast meets each child where they're at. He knows each of his student's potential and limitations, and he holds them accountable for practicing and challenges them to perform to their full potential in martial arts.  There's no easy A’s here, but they're certainly filled with great pride once the hard work pays off and they "get it." This "can do" attitude and spirit of resiliency is priceless! 

Our son has showed a level of commitment to karate, which has now carried over to the classroom--he seems to want to get things done the right way, and dedicated to doing an overall good job.

After our third attempt at karate, we are very fortunate to find a program that perfectly fits our family's needs. If you're not ready to have your kids challenged to do their absolute best, don't show.  If you want them encouraged and empowered while learning self-defense skills and martial arts basics, this class is for you.

-The Clark Family


I am a 68 years young male who has been curious about martial arts my entire life, however until recently never pursued it. I began training with Sensei Patrick of MKC, initially in a basic adult self-defense class to put my toe in the water. I was immediately captivated by Patrick’s passion for teaching including, for example, explaining the underlying principles behind everything from simple warmup exercises, basic stances and forms to how to achieve improvement in my balance and flexibility. After a few months, I took the plunge and joined in with his regular Karate program at his Dojo. This took everything to a whole new level of both challenge and enriched value, in ways both expected and unexpected. I expected the mental and physical challenge and continued growth in my personal mental and physical discipline and capability through his teaching. What I did not anticipate was the supporting environment of the Dojo, the teaching and camaraderie from other students at my level and higher, and the atmosphere of mutual respect and responsibility promoted by MKC.

 I have been especially impressed by his methods with Children of all ages (and adult children of all ages)  introducing the basic principles of self-defense and underlying martial arts principles that subtlety and ultimately  guide their growth in mind, body, and spirit. I have seen instances of shy, meek, easily frightened, easily distracted, sullen and inattentive children completely transformed into self-confident, respectful, and focused participants in the group exercises. There is an interesting overlap session of children and adults, including their parents in some instances. Roles are constantly shifted amongst all of the students from attacker to defender, exercise follower to exercise leader. I was astounded and really got the point of Sensei Patrick’s method when I realized that a formerly “in their shell” young student was leading the entire mixed young children, teens, and adults in an exercise with confidence, style, and a big grin on their face!

- Steve S.

My daughters (4 & 7) and I have been training with Master Bast and Sensei Matty for about six months, and I could not be more impressed with the care and quality of instruction. If you are looking for a martial arts school to take your money and give you a pretty new belt every couple months, this isn’t the school you’re looking for. If you are looking for genuine martial arts instruction with practical self-defense applications, with high expectations for student progress….you found it.

If you want to jump through the ranks, you will absolutely have to put in the work and demonstrate your knowledge retention and ability to apply. But the time will be toward something useful if you ever need it, not simply flashy moves that are only useful if you are auditioning for a Hollywood movie. And that only speaks to the physical training, learning the martial principles, which is only a portion of the value of instruction.

“Discipline, Integrity, Focus, Respect, Resolve, Humbleness and Honor”. These ideals are not taken lightly in the dojo and are expected of MKC students in and out of the dojo. Even if you think: “Well I am pretty disciplined and focused already”, believe me your discipline and focus will improve through this program. With all that said, it would be remiss not to mention the level of patience for students of all ages and ability. And if you are looking for a place to take your children for personal development, confidence building, discipline, etc… I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better place for them.

-The Brown Family


Karate / Self-Defense for the Real World

​To say that my 10 year-old daughter is small for her age would be an understatement.  She has been mistaken for someone as young as 5 years old. So we have always been concerned for her safety.  We had tried other martial arts studios before.  While the masters were always nice, I felt as if they were more focused on teaching the kids discipline and respect rather than self defense.  The kids all got promoted to the next belt at the monthly promotion ceremonies regardless of whether they really remembered the forms/movements and everyone got a nice certificate to boost the kids’ self-esteem. 

​We were about to give up on the martial arts when a friend told us about Master Patrick and MKC Karate. My friend told me that Master Patrick and Sensei Matty taught practical self-defense techniques that could be learned quickly and used effectively by anyone regardless of your size.  We made an appointment for the first lesson (which is free).  Master Patrick took the time to discuss our objectives in taking karate lessons. We made it very clear we were not interested in meaningless belt promotions.  We wanted to know if he could teach our daughter what she needed to know to protect herself when she transfers to a “rougher” middle school a year from now. With a clear understanding of our expectations, our daughter started taking weekly lessons at MKC Karate.

Eight months after she started karate lessons, our home was burglarized.  When I mentioned how fortunate we were that no one was home at the time of the burglary, my daughter just matter of factly said, “Well if they tried to grab me, I would know what to do.”  Talk about priceless.  My daughter was confident enough in her skills to know that she could do what was necessary to disable an adult long enough to run and get out of a dangerous situation. What’s more important is that it’s not false confidence.  I know she would be able to disable an adult just long enough to get away because at every class, Master Patrick and Sensei Matty teach self-awareness; they go through the forms and how they are to be applied in a given situation; and they do it over and over and over again so that eventually it just becomes a reflex.

Although I’m pretty sure some of the other students in class could inflict some serious harm on an opponent if necessary, for me it’s more important that Master Patrick and Sensei Matty teach the students, both kids and adults alike, to be aware of their surroundings and not be a victim in the first place. The goal is to remove yourself from a dangerous situation and find safety. 

​It has only been eight months since my daughter started taking lessons with MKC Karate and although there is a lot more to learn from Master Patrick and Sensei Matty, she is in a better position to protect herself now.  She has a better sense of awareness of her surroundings. She is physically stronger and she knows that she can protect herself.

​We want to thank you Master Patrick & Sensei Matty for promoting and teaching a practical self-defense course.  There’s no doubt that they believe in what they’re doing and that they love sharing their skills and knowledge with the students.  


​- The Nguyen Family


If you're looking for a self defense class that actually teaches techniques which may be learned quickly and applied to real world situations, this is the place for you. This karate school is about "doing it". There are no meaningless belt promotions or certificates just for showing up for class. You have to earn it. Master Patrick and Sensei Matty participate in every class and they are constantly challenging the students to take it up to the next level. Most importantly, they make it clear from Day 1 that the goal is self-defense. They want to make sure their students never become a victim. So unlike other martial arts schools (and we've tried 2 other schools), in addition to the forms, they start teaching self-defense techniques (applying the forms to real life situations) from Day 1. These skills and techniques easily allow you to disable a person twice your size. I can't say enough great things about this school and Master Patrick & Sensei Matty.

- V.P.


I have been training at Maryland Kyusho Concepts for about 1 ½ years. I have grown significantly in my understanding of martial arts from Sensei Bast.  At MKC you start learning self-defense applications immediately with your Kata which gives you a far greater appreciation and understanding of the forms and the art. I have learned more self-defense during my time with MKC then what I acquired in total at a previous school getting a black belt. You earn your belt ranks at MKC and can wear them proudly. Sensei Bast and Williamson are knowledgeable, challenging, encouraging, caring, and most of all fun to learn from. You can’t ask for more dedicated instructors.

- Barbara M.


When I first heard about MKC Karate and Ryuku Kempo martial arts a couple years ago, I was thirty-one years old and had never experienced any martial arts training before.  I knew it would be very challenging, and I wasn't sure if I would be welcomed, but I wanted to learn how to defend myself, and I wanted to participate in an activity that would strengthen not only my physical body, but my mental and spiritual character as well.  I was relieved, because Master Patrick and Sensei Matty and all of the other students in the class were very welcoming. They were patient with me and my lack of skills, and Master Patrick took the time to teach me "the fourteen basics" and all of the base skills I would need to succeed, while at the same time
explaining the reasons for each skill and applications that could be used for self-defense.

Although it took me longer than most to learn the basic skills, I stuck with it and MKC Karate stuck with me, and I'm very glad I did! I'll be testing for my green belt soon, and I'm excited for the opportunity and proud of myself for getting to this point.  I feel stronger and much more confident than I did when I first started the class.  I would strongly encourage anyone, no matter what age or experience level, to join MKC Karate, because you'll be warmly welcomed into the group and you'll gain a lot from the experience.

- Julie A.


I have trained for 18 years in the martial arts. I have a Shodan in Shotokan Karate and a Shodan in Ryukyu Kempo. It is both exhilarating and humbling to study under Master Bast.  He removes the guess work from techniques that heretofore were baffling. He has such a vast repertoire of knowledge to pull from that I am never bored. The privilege I share as an instructor in his school is to convey his universal truths to our class. 

It is fascinating to watch a student try out a class from a different form, and watch Master Bast seamlessly teach them how to make their art better. He is never strict, closed off or frustrating. In fact he has such great patience that anyone will excel in his class. If you put the work in outside of the dojo he immediately recognizes it and applauds your efforts. My favorite lesson to date from Master Bast is this: 

“I do not want a bunch of little Patricks running around, I want you to take this art and make it  your own.” 

Without fail MKC is a wonderful place for adults and children to learn real life self defense. You will walk out of your first class experiencing two emotions: 

​excitement to come back and learn more and confidence that you are no longer helpless.  

​As a seasoned practitioner, if you come and train at MKC Master Bast will improve your Body Mechanics, your Spirit and most important your Effectiveness. By employing theories of tuite, kyoshu jitsu and redundancy whatever art you practice will improve exponentially, mine certainly has.  

- Sensei Matthew “Matty” Williamson   


​I have been studying martial arts for over eighteen years. I have trained overseas with Masters. I have won competitions in my own art. Yet I go to Master Bast's classes for one reason. Master Bast is one of the best teachers I have ever met. His knowledge and experience and the ability to convey the art put him head and shoulders above the average martial arts instructor. Although he teaches a different art than the one I've been trained in, Master Bast teaches universal principles that work regardless of style. The atmosphere of his class is engaging without being stuffy. Studying with Master Bast has been a tremendous benefit for me as a martial artist.

- Dante Gilmer, Owner Still Water Tai Chi  


 I attended a few of Sensei Bast' seminars and I was impressed with his knowledge, character, humility, strength and love of the arts. He presents material in a way that the beginner, intermediate, or experienced practitioner can learn and he loves to exchange knowledge and techniques. In addition to gaining knowledge, I gained a friend. Keep doing what you do Mr. Bast.

- Quentin B.


I found Sensei Bast to be a very knowledgeable and experienced martial artist. Also, I really like the way he teaches and can express his knowledge to others. I went to a seminar of his and I'm a very slow learner, I would have to say, Sensei Bast taught in a way that I could pick up the info easily and more importantly, understand what I was doing and why it works.

- Kevin G.


I have had the great pleasure of hosting several open pressure point clinics with Master Bast. Simply stated, ‘he is amazing!’ Master Bast has the unique gift to take a group with a wide range of martial arts back grounds and skill levels and challenge our understanding of the art. The experience is always hands on and you always learn something new. 

- Tom Harman, Nidan KJK Ryukyu Kempo


Master Bast provided a corporate training for my Agency on self awareness. His honest and engaging teaching style captivated the participants. His message and techniques are very practical, highly effective, and memorable!!!

- Senior Manager US DOT


Hi Patrick--fantastic class on Saturday. Wow--I can't wait for 6/11! You are both a talented martial artist and a fantastic teacher; I appreciate your method of teaching, the clarity of demonstrating, and your ease with describing these difficult subjects to a varied audience. 

- 2011 Control and Compliance Seminar participant