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 MKC Karate   "Self Protection Straight To The Point"

               Discipline, Integrity, Focus, Respect, Resolve, Humbleness and Honor


      Corporate Self-Awareness and Situational Defense Strategies Workshops

Maryland Kyusho Concepts (MKC Karate) offers a unique approach to personal awareness and safety strategies. This program has been developed for the corporate business traveler in mind but is applicable to all. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has offered this program twice since its inception reinforcing common sense self-awareness safety practices during business travel with positive results.

                           Compliance Workshops

Our Control and Compliance Program is geared toward professionals that may engage in physical encounters, but are not at liberty to use blunt trama or devastating attacks. We teach subtle simple and humane techniques to gain quick control of a non-compliant individual which include non-destructive joint control techniques utilizing proper pressure point activation. And always with an emphasis on sound principles.

                       Pressure Point Workshops 

Our Pressure Point Workshops focus on proper activation of accu points such as  angle, direction and mode of attack as they relate to self defense principles & strategies.

                                   Self-Defense Workshops

Our Self Defense Program incorporates simple self defense techniques against a variety of "realistic" attacks to reinforce the underlying principles of successful self defense such as use your strength against an attacker's weakness, change the angle of attack, proper target acquisition, joint manipulation, etc.

mkc karate