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                              Matt Williamson, Lead Instructor

‚ÄčSensei Williamson is the Lead Instructor at MKC Karate. He began his path in the arts in the 90's and attained the rank of Shodan in Shotokan Karate. He was the 7th student to receive this rank from our mutual Sensei Master Instructor Steve Morris. He attained the Rank of Nidan in Ryukyu Kempo Tode Jitsu in 2016. Sensei Williamson is also an avid Yoga practitioner. When he is not at his day job as a litigation attorney he is studying or teaching the arts. His devotion to our growth and development has been instrumental

                                                                    SUMMARY OF CREDENTIALS

          Ryukyu Kempo Tode Jitsu Second (2nd) Degree Black Belt Instructor Dillman Karate Internatonal

                                         Kenkojuku Shotokan Karate-Do First (1st) Degree Black Belt Instructor

mkc karate

                                Patrick Bast, Head Instructor

Sensei Bast's unique hands on approach to teaching based off solid bio-mechanical principles makes learning fun and personal. With over 30 years of experience in the martial arts, Sensei Bast has established himself as an instructor that gets results. His philosophy of teaching principles rather than techniques gives a student the tools needed to succeed regardless of experience or style. Sensei Bast is also an avid practitioner of Tai Chi, Eastern Meditation and Energetics for Health.


                                                                     SUMMARY OF CREDENTIALS

       Ryukyu Kempo Tode Jitsu Fifth (5th) Degree Black Belt Master Instructor Dillman Karate Internatonal

           Tomiki Shodokan Aikido Fourth (4th) Degree Black Belt Instructor American Aikido International

                       Kenkojuku Shotokan Karate-Do Second (2nd) Degree Black Belt Instructor

                                                           Kodokan Judo Brown Belt 

mkc karate

 MKC Karate   "Self Protection Straight To The Point"

               Discipline, Integrity, Focus, Respect, Resolve, Humbleness and Honor