mkc karate
mkc karate

 MKC Karate   "Self Protection Straight To The Point"

               Discipline, Integrity, Focus, Respect, Resolve, Humbleness and Honor

Class fees for our Hanover location are due at the beginning of each month. Payments are made directly to Merritt either at the front desk or you can contact Member Services Manager: Jarrett Smith - 

                                           MKC Karate Program Benefits        

Children (ages 6-14)​
• Increased attention span • Self confidence • Enhanced hand-eye coordination          

• Social skill development 
• Physical conditioning • Character development • Practical self defense                          • Enhanced focus and concentration • Conflict resolution 

Adults (14 & up)
• Total body workout • Weight loss and improvement in overall health                                  • Highly effective self defense training

mkc karate

                 Mkc Karate / Maryland Kyusho Concepts Karate Classes.


                               Mkc Karate / Maryland Kyusho Concepts 

                 offers local karate classes for children and adults.

                       Ask us about our introductory lesson!

                                     Customized Self-Protection Programs available!

Self Defense Workshops, Compliance Workshops, Pressure Point Workshops, Corporate Self Awareness / Defense Workshops

mkc karate